Wes Edens on the Construction of the Newest Project

Wes Edens, CEO of Brightline and co-founder of Fortress Investment Group, can’t wait to get started on his newest venture, Construct 8. Set to rise on a 14-acre plot at 3012 W. Post Road in Las Vegas, the project will comprise a total of eight individual structures set to bring about development in the area.

Amenities at the development include a fitness centre, a swimming pool, a rooftop deck and even a pet spa. Thus, you can see the sought of investment which has been put into place. The buildings will be made from sustainable resources and feature smart home technology.

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Wes Edens has said he is excited to get construction underway because he thinks the project will be beneficial to the Las Vegas area. He’s confident the project will boost employment and business in the area and in the long run build the economy of the region as a whole.

The project has been approved by the Clark County Planning Commission, and building should start soon. The completion of the structures is anticipated for the year 2023.

We also see that Wes Edens has been working on several other initiatives in addition to the new construction. He has been working to expand the Brightline train service to other cities like Miami and Orlando, and he recently purchased the majority stake in the Aston Villa Football Club.

Information shows that Wes Edens is a prominent businessman and investor who has established himself in the world of finance. He gets energized when working on original initiatives that will help people, and most importantly projects that will ensure growth of the community. While Construct 8 is just one of Wes Edens’ many ongoing endeavours, it’s clear that he is eager to see his ideas come to fruition and at the same time, continue with further projects.

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