Where Did Jason Hughes CEO Of Hughes Marino Get His Start?

Jason Hughes is proud to be the current CEO and owner of Hughes Marino. The company has been doing well and thriving since getting its start back in the start of 2011. This means that they have been in business under his leadership for more than ten years. Before founding the company, Jason Hughes was the proud President at Irving Hughes (Crunchbase). 


Successful entrepreneur and current CEO at Hughes Marino Jason Hughes was with the company from January 1995 to February 2011. That is over sixteen years with this company. As you can see leadership is no new industry for him, he has a proven track record of being successful in these positions. While under his leadership Hughes Marino has become the largest exclusive tenant and buyer representation company in the area. Under the leadership of Jason Hughes, they started their company with just being located in San Diego California now thanks to their hard work and dedication they have been able to successfully go to multiple locations all across the west coast. 

Jason Hughes has also been keying in legislation making sure in the buying and selling process in his industry there was little to no conflict of interest. He is someone who truly has his client’s best interest at heart and wants to make sure that he makes the best choices for all involved. In 1987,Jason Hughes attended Pepperdine University where he was able to graduate in 1989 thanks to his hard work and dedication, he graduated with a B.S in Business Administration. Then went on to earn an M.B.A at the University of San Diego.