André Des Rochers On The Innocence Project

André Des Rochers is a lawyer who came up with a solution to the problem of increasing wrongful convictions. This primarily occurs in court cases against defendants of color. His solution was to create a program that had lawyers examine witnesses before they testify to determine whether or not they are credible.


The premise behind the program is simple: If a lawyer knows ahead of time that the witness’s testimony is going to be inconsistent, the lawyer can ask them questions beforehand and see if there are law inconsistencies. André Des Rochers is also working on eliminating what he calls “the prosecutor’s veto” in trial proceedings – basically, when prosecutors prevent certain lines of defense from being used by refusing to hand over evidence or give up their ability to provide rebuttal without giving notice during trials.


The attorney has been working on these projects for the last 15 years. He has created an organization called that focuses on reducing wrongful convictions and ending the prosecutor’s veto. He has been working with other organizations and people in the field to promote reform, including Innocence Project, Judges to Innovate, and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. Currently, André Des Rochers is working on a book called “How America Gets Away With Murder.” 


He said that he’s heard from defense lawyers all over the country who tell him they’ve witnessed people being wrongfully convicted. The attorney said it’s important to build a movement behind ending wrongful convictions instead of just relying on lawyers. “I really believe that a movement is not just about law, but it’s actually about people,” André Des Rochers said. “It’s about going out there and gathering the community together.” He said that while many people know they’ve been wrongfully convicted, they don’t know what to do or who to talk to about it. 


He also said that no one is listening to the stories of those in the movement. Des Rochers addressed this issue by saying that he’s been working with prominent lawyers and lawyers’ organizations all throughout New York State, who have been taking testimonies from people in prison for a long time about their experiences. André Des Rochers said it’s very gratifying that many of those people are now attorneys themselves. Likewise, he said he’ll be using testimony from other attorneys as well as police officers and other people who have witnessed wrongful convictions, then turning those testimonies into his book.

Navigating Change: The Visionary Leadership of Ron Gutman, Co-CEO of Intrivo

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing business landscape, leaders must be able to navigate and adapt to exponential change in order to succeed. Ron Gutman, Co-CEO of Intrivo, is one such leader whose career has been marked by a unique ability to identify and capitalize on new opportunities in the face of change.

Gutman is an inventor, a serial entrepreneur, and an investor, as well as an educator and a writer. He has founded and supported multiple successful, mission-driven companies and non-profit organizations that have helped hundreds of millions of people around the world live happier healthier lives. As a lecturer at Stanford University, Ron Gutman co-authored a leadership framework—Sapient Leadership.

This, to help leaders everywhere navigate the new reality of change that’s exponential, perpetual, and pervasive. This framework is based on his experience leading a multidisciplinary group of faculty and graduate students at Stanford to conduct research into personalized health and ways to increase health engagement among people and patients. Ron Gutman’s expertise in leading through change is also evident in his tenure as the founder and first CEO of the Interactive Health company HealthApp. 

He led the development of several cutting-edge technologies including HOPES (the first Health Operating System), Dr. A.I. (an artificial intelligence tool for symptom triage to information and care), and HealthApp SOS (for disaster relief). Furthermore, Ron Gutman also led HealthApp’s acquisition of several companies, including Avvo and Docphin, which helped to expand the reach and impact of the company.

Gutman’s leadership skills and vision are now being put to use at Intrivo, where he serves as Co-CEO. The company, which is focused on healthcare technologies, is well-positioned to capitalize on the current trend of digitalization and remote healthcare in the industry. Under Ron Gutman´s leadership, Intrivo is poised to make a significant impact in the healthcare industry and improve the lives of people around the world. In an era of exponential change, leaders like Gutman are crucial in helping organizations navigate the challenges and capitalize on the opportunities that arise. With his visionary leadership and proven track record, Gutman is well-positioned to guide Intrivo to success in the years to come.

Immensa’s CEO and Co-Founder

Immensa is a solution provider that leverages advanced technologies and artificial intelligence to bring the next level of market intelligence to the energy sector. it is a global company founded Estonia in 2010 as an innovation lab and AI developer. Today, It is not just a solutions provider but also a research partner and investor with international operations in North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Africa. With so many companies failing to manage their energy usage properly, Immensa can help your company save money on electricity bills while reducing environmental footprints.

  1. Founders

Immensa’s CEO and co-founder, Peeter Kallaste, is a serial entrepreneur passionate about new ideas and technologies. His most famous company is, a startup incubator in Estonia, where he was involved as the founder or board member of several startups. The second co-founder and the lead AI developer of Immensa’s solutions, Priit Potter, is a leading expert in image analytics and pattern recognition. As a Chief Technology Officer at a global provider of biometrics solutions, he led research projects on face recognition and fingerprint, vein, and palm vein diagnostics applications.

  1. Brief History

The company’s founders were at first on a mission to create an AI startup that would help automate the marketing processes. Still, after studying the potential of artificial intelligence, they discovered that there is much more potential to be explored in this field and chose to switch their direction. In 2010 Immensa was established as an innovation lab and artificial intelligence developer specializing in natural language processing and artificial neural networks. In 2013 it started developing its first energy management platform AIMA.

  1. Mission

The vision is to bring energy management to every home and office, where any area can be monitored, controlled, and optimized with the help of artificial intelligence. The biggest problem with energy management today is that the current solutions are not designed for the mainstream market. AIMA has been developed to address this issue.

The most striking feature of AIMA is that it works without an internet connection. This means that the system is autonomous and will continue to work regardless of Wifi or power supply. AI systems can evaluate the quality of the energy being used in any area where a sensor has been installed (the sensor is sold separately). The AI will then suggest how to optimize energy consumption.

Yubo Leads The Pack In The Future Of Online Safety

Generation Z is modifying the ways in which people interact with each other online because they are the first group of young people to grow up with social media at their disposal. As the ways through which Generation Z communicates with each other become more digitized, many people are for the notion that online social platforms are tasked with protecting young people from all sorts of harmful content that can be online. Currently, there is an Online Safety Bill that was introduced to ensure that young people are safe when they are online. However, while the bill is still being put in place, there are myriad things that online social platforms can do to protect their users from harm. Content moderation is key to creating a safe online platform in this fast-paced digital world. Furthermore, responsible social platforms should not wait for regulations to be implemented so that they can also implement their advanced protections for young people online.

Yubo, a social platform dedicated to Generation Z users, has comprehensive safeguards put in place to ensure it is safe for its users. It boasts of exploring things considered impossible in online moderation and safety. Yubo knew from the beginning that putting safety first would be its key to success. Since then, the company has made huge progress toward making solutions that moderate and monitor content on its platform. It became the first social platform in the world to integrate real-time intervention and moderation in livestreams. Yubo also has state-of-the-art AI technology that catches second-by-second screenshots to flag down any Community Guidelines violations.

Miki agrawal and his entrepreneurship

Miki Agrawal is a social entrepreneur, author and television personality. She is the founder of the Karuna Foundation, which has worked to spread hygiene and education in India. Miki is also the environmental charity Earth Hour co-founder alongside Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Miki’s work has won National Awards for Campaigns, an award at Davos World Economic Forum, a US Presidential Medal and a Global Achievement Award from UNESCO, among others. Miki also wrote her first book: “Unhappy Meals – A Memoir” which was published.

Miki agrawal is a public speaker and has given TED talks and spoken at the World Economic Forum and the Clinton Global Initiative. Her work has been featured in media such as The New York Times, Washington Post, Time Magazine, Inc, Fast Company and Forbes, among others.

Miki has travelled worldwide to spread her message of sustainable living through her work for Earth Hour and her work with Karuna Foundation. She has visited India, the US, the UK and China to spread awareness of her work.

President Clinton awarded Miki the President’s Medal in the United States. She was awarded the State award of Distinction by the Ministry of Environment and Forest (MAFF) for her work on environmental conservation. Miki has also been awarded a Global Achievement Award from UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organisation) for her work on educating rural Indian women. Miki has won the Best Campaign award in India for her work with Karuna Foundation. Miki won the World Award for Sustainable Development: Cities and Towns.

Miki agrawal was nominated for a Social Entrepreneur Award by United Nations for her work with Karuna Foundation.

The World Deanery presented Miki with the Global Award for Empowering Women. Miki was conferred an Honorary Life Membership by World Creators Forum. She received an Honorary Doctorate from Pune University and was honoured on Women’s Day at the Madhya Pradesh Women’s University.

Miki is the Co-founder of Earth Hour, an event that takes place every year and aims to spread awareness of the environment. She is also the founder of Karuna Foundation, an NGO that works to spread literacy and sanitation.

Haroldo Jacobovicz: His Profession And Advice To Future Entrepreneurs

Haroldo Jacobovicz is the founder of Horizons Telecom, a telecommunication provider in Brazil. He is an entrepreneur and businessman whose impact on the telecommunication industry has been vast. Jacobovicz has been instrumental in revolutionizing the telecom industry in Brazil. He was the first to introduce a mobile payment system and also the first to introduce a complete suite of telecom services to the market.

Jacobovicz has also advocated for the advancement of telecom technology in Brazil. He has pushed for more advanced technologies such as 4G and 5G and has been a major proponent of the development of broadband internet access. This has resulted in more people accessing faster and more reliable services.

Haroldo Jacobovicz’s impact on the telecom industry has also been felt in other countries. He has been a major partner in developing telecom networks in other countries in Latin America, including Argentina, Colombia, and Peru. He has been recognized by the telecom industry, being named telecom entrepreneur of the year in 2017. Haroldo Jacobovicz’s impact on the telecom industry has been monumental. His pioneering work has made telecommunications in Brazil more accessible, reliable, and faster. His innovations in the industry have also been adopted by other countries in Latin America, making telecom services more accessible and reliable in those countries.

Haroldo Jacobovicz advises future entrepreneurs to focus on the customer experience. He believes creating a great customer experience should be the primary goal of any business. He also believes businesses should create an environment conducive to growth, innovation, and collaboration. Above all, he emphasizes the importance of staying focused on the customer, as this will be the key to success.

He also advises entrepreneurs to take risks and be willing to fail, as this is part of the process of success. Finally, he encourages entrepreneurs to learn from their mistakes and not be afraid to make changes when needed. Go Here for related Information.

Olugbenga Agboola is a Member of the World Psychiatric Association

He has being nationally honoured and awarded for his work as a medical doctor and the presenter of the BBC TV series “Unbelievable” which discusses and analyzes human psychology, media, islamophobia, slavery, prejudice, terrorism and more. He was recently appointed to position in London for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. Agboola has also been nominated twice for awards by The Muslim Times.

Agboola was born on 24 January 1971. He attended the University of Ilorin, in Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria and graduated with an MBBS degree in 1995. Thence he went on to complete his internship and residency in psychiatry at Michael Elemiero University Teaching Hospital. His interest in psychiatry inclines towards the study of patients who may present with different psychological symptoms as well as psychiatric disorders, neurosis and personality disorders. He also completed a Diploma in Psychiatry from the Nigerian College of Psychiatry. He is a member of the World Psychiatric Association, Nigerian Medical Association and The Royal College Of Psychiatrists UK.

He regularly gives talks at conferences around the world regarding psychology and mental health issues. He is also the presenter of “Unbelievable” which discusses and analyzes human psychology, media, Islamophobia, slavery, prejudice, terrorism and more. This TV show which is largely watched across the globe has an audience of a billion people on YouTube.

He has been involved in numerous exciting projects such as the BBC documentary “Mental”, a documentary about mental health he presented. He also featured in a Channel 4 documentary on Islamophobia called “Inside Out – London”, where he discussed the psychological effects it has on young British Muslims.

olugbenga agboola was appointed by United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNHCR) to serve as consultant for the UN Torture Prevention and Protection Unit based in Geneva Switzerland. The appointment is for a four-year term commencing 1 September 2018.

He has the following publications to his name: “When Medicine Failed – an encounter with Psychiatry”; ‘Reasoning in Schizophrenia’; ‘The Bipolar Child: A guide for parents’; ‘Managing Stress in Primary Care’ and ‘Diagnosing Depression: An interview with Dr. Wale Adebiyi (October 2010). He also writes regularly for newspapers, magazines and websites such as “The Guardian”. He is a regular presenter on BBC Radio 4 discussing mental health issues in Africa, the UK and globally.

Luis Horta e Costa

Luis Horta e Costa, Portugal, is a fantastic destination for those seeking both affordable and luxury real estate. Portugal has many different regions, each with its own distinct culture and architecture. Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is famous for its modernity – this new-yet-historic vibe offers an eclectic cosmopolitan lifestyle to match the diverse tastes of the urbanites.

This post goes over all of Portugal’s different regions and some specific neighborhoods in these areas that may be best suited to particular types of buyers, as well as some insights into Portuguese home-buying trends.


The Algarve is a Portugal region on the southwest coast of the country. It’s known for its beautiful beaches, great seafood, and wonderful nighttime life. The Algarve has many lively cities and is home to many ex-pats, including British, German, Russian, and Chinese. There are many festivals in this area every summer, such as the music festival “Rock in Rio Lisboa” and “Super Bock Super Rock” at Parque da Bela Vista in Lisbon. Additionally, there are many golf courses in this area.

The Algarve region has a lot to offer regarding real estate. Most of the homes in this area are more affordable because they have less space. The Algarve region is also famous for its Mediterranean climate and greenery. Many people from the UK, Spain, and France vacation here during the winter months.


Salim, the most popular neighborhood for tourists traveling to Portugal, is also located near Lisbon in Sintra-Cascais. This area has many excellent golf courses, such as Penina Golf Club and Boca do Inferno Golf Club. The fertile garden at Quinta do Lago, a luxury hotel owned by the British Rothschild family, is next to the Penina Golf Club.

Penina Golf Club is considered one of the best golf courses in Portugal. This course offers scenic topography and excellent views of Sintra from all over the period. There are also some beautiful villas to buy in this area, including Quinta does Lago, which two Portuguese architects built at the end of 19 the century.


Leading from the Front: Greg Aziz’s Approach to Management and Engineering

Greg Aziz, Chairman, President, and CEO of a leading railroad freight car engineering and manufacturing company, has a unique perspective on how to lead a company to success. His approach emphasizes strong engineering capabilities, team-building, and significant human and capital investment.


From the beginning, Greg Aziz understood the importance of differentiating his company from its competitors. As he stated, “We emphasized engineering in order to differentiate ourselves from our competitors. We believe that we’re the leading rail car manufacturer in the world from an engineering standpoint.” This focus on engineering has led to the company holding over 350 patents.


This led him to being the first railcar builder in North America to do so, and maintaining a position as a top-tier manufacturer. Business expert Greg Aziz’s approach to management also includes a commitment to the local community and investing in his employees. 


Greg Aziz - Chairman at Cascade Systems

The company sponsors various local charities and holds an annual Christmas party for employees and their families, as well as a food drive for local food banks. According to Greg Aziz, these strategies have led to the company’s success in the railroad industry, being the only company certified ISO 9001:2008 and consistently receiving the TTX SECO highest quality award since 1996.


In the recent news, The U.S. rail industry is experiencing a resurgence in demand, with the Association of American Railroads (AAR) reporting a 12.3% increase in rail traffic for the week ending January 9, 2021. For Greg Aziz, this resurgence in demand highlights the importance of a strong and reliable rail industry and companies like Aziz’s that prioritize engineering and innovation to meet that demand.


Mark Hauser's Versatile Acting Career

Mark Hauser is a versatile and accomplished actor and voice actor with a unique talent for adopting a wide range of American dialects. With Hauser’s experience in the industry, he has established himself as a reputable and in-demand talent both on-screen and behind the microphone. He is represented by K.L. Benzakein Talent, a Montreal-based agency that handles his numerous project requests.

Mark Hauser is well-known for his ability to bring a dynamic range of characters to life, whether it be through his dramatic performances or comedic timing. He is very keen and puts in the extra effort to understand the backgrounds and motivations of each of his characters. He is equally at home in live-action productions, animated television series and films, and even the virtual world of video game voice-over and narration projects. His versatility has garnered him attention and recognition in the industry, and he has had the opportunity to work with some of the top names in the entertainment business, such as Michael Madsen, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Nathalie Zea. He was very valuable in the Netflix animated movie SAHARA.

When he is not on set or in the recording studio, Mark Hauser spends his time working on his hobby of restoring vintage pinball machines, a passion that requires a great deal of precision and attention to detail- much like his craft as an actor. His daily routine is centered around his acting commitments, but he always makes sure to set aside time for research and preparation for upcoming roles, ensuring that he brings the best possible representation of each character to the audience.

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