Atlantic City as envisioned by Boraie Development

Wasseem Boraie, vice president of Boraire Development, has referred to Atlantic City as the jewel of New Jersey. His firm invested $85.5 million in the construction of 600 new homes in the South Inlet neighbourhood of Atlantic City. When the development rented out half of its units months ahead of schedule, many locals were surprised.

Atlantic City Changing Shape

The Hard Rock Cafe in Atlantic City significantly altered the NoBe neighbourhood. The same year that Boraie began renting out his NoBe condos, Stockton University established its first beach campus. The company’s headquarters are located in New Brunswick, which has a long history of being a poor location for conducting business in the surrounding area. Some of the important components of a good place to live were present, while others were absent.

The People

The goal of the project that Wasseem Boraie is working on in Atlantic City is to improve the city’s image as a “place no one wants to live” and encourage more people to relocate there. The property developer believes that the fruits of his labour will ensure a prosperous future for those who currently and in the future call Atlantic City home. Is it possible that something he says at the very end could entice people to remain calm in the comfort of their own homes?