Bernard Acoca Is The Chief Executive Officer Of Zaxby’s


Zaxby’s, Inc. has announced that its founder and CEO, Zach McLeroy, will transition to chairman and that Bernard Acoca will become the company’s new chief executive officer (CEO).

“This transition is part of a larger plan to ensure Zaxby’s is positioned for future success as it continues to grow,” said company chairman and CEO Bernard Acoca. “We believe Zach’s leadership in the restaurant industry, coupled with his background as a co-founder, makes him the best person to helm Zaxby’s, Inc. We are fortunate that he is willing to continue serving in his current role for us during this transitional period.

Bernard Acoca will be responsible for the direction and growth of Zaxby’s, one of the nation’s largest chicken finger restaurant chains with more than 850 locations in 16 states. He will also continue to lead the company’s franchise division as senior vice president. Despite the transition, McLeroy plans to remain heavily involved with Zaxby’s and its day-to-day operations.

Zaxby’s is one of the nation’s most prominent chicken finger restaurants, with over 700 locations in 20 states. In addition to its special chicken fingers menu, Zaxby’s offers a variety of sandwiches, wings, and salads.

Acoca, who has served as Zaxby’s CEO, said the company strives to “stand out in the casual quick-serve restaurant industry.” He added that he is confident that McLeroy’s “experience and passion” for this business will serve him and the company well in future endeavors, including continued expansion.

McLeroy expressed his appreciation to Acoca for agreeing to fill his shoes and said he is excited about the company’s future. “I’m confident Bernard and I will work together effectively and in a spirit of mutual respect, to ensure Zaxby’s continues to grow,” McLeroy stated. “Bernard has proven himself as an industry leader and a great friend who shares my vision for Zaxby’s.

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