Happy Joe’s Pizza & Ice Cream Debut in Egypt

Located inside Cairo’s suburb Roxy, Heliopolis, this unique pizza place has been a hit among locals and tourists since its opening. And for a good reason, too, because the menu is loaded with pizza toppings that will make your head spin. Happy Joe’s Pizza & Ice Cream Shop at Roxy in Heliopolis is the latest success story from the company’s expansion in Egypt.


This has seen the brand enter new markets. A visit to Happy Joe’s Pizza & Ice Cream Shop inside Roxy’s shopping mall in Heliopolis. They soon reveal that the restaurant is all about food and fun. The restaurant, which boasts a beautiful setting with modern touches, serves up various types of pizzas, pasta, salads, and ice cream flavors like chocolate and vanilla. 


Also available are Chicken Ranch Pizza, BBQ Beef Pizza, Pepperoni Pizza, and milkshakes. The Happy Joe’s restaurant concept is such that it can be enjoyed by families looking for some fun food options.

Happy Joe's Pizza & Ice Cream Debut in Egypt

The concept behind Happy Joe’s Pizza is entirely different from what you would find anywhere else. The pizzas are made to order and can be served with a choice of over 30 various toppings and dairy or gluten free options. Guests are encouraged to customize their orders, which makes it possible for everyone to get exactly what they want. 


Happy Joe’s Pizza & Ice Cream Shop offers an extensive menu that is diversely extensive and features a variety of fresh homemade desserts. For CEO and President Tom Sacco, bringing this restaurant to Egypt was a unique challenge: “Launching Happy Joe’s in Egypt is something we have been planning for the last two years. We finally made it. We are happy that our customers are enjoying the pizza and ice cream,” he said.