Happy Joe’s Pizza & Ice Cream brings the taste of Germany to the menu.

Happy Joe’s Pizza and Ice Cream brings the flavors of Germany to your taste buds. So, even if you have a craving for German food, you can still enjoy one of the nation’s most beloved treats without leaving the comfort of your own home. 


The American Pizza Parlor Happy Joe’s has ten locations in and around Atlanta and sells pizza and ice cream. They focus on fresh ingredients, quick service, a friendly atmosphere, and great-tasting food. The menu features Happy Joe’s signature pizzas, ice cream, sundaes, specialty milkshakes, and beer and wine. 


And the best part is that all Happy Joe’s ingredients are imported from Germany. Our cheese comes from the German Alps, and our pieces of bread are shipped worldwide. The pizza dough is made from German wheat, raised without additives or preservatives, and the pizza sauce comes from the Italian town of Capri.


The Best Gourmet Pizza Happy Joe’s

It is made from fresh tomatoes. And our pizza oven is imported from Germany and is specially designed to cook authentic German-style pizza. The ice cream comes in multiple flavors, including strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, and tutti frutti. Happy Joe’s strives to include all the flavors possible to fit any desire from any client they might find.


All of the ice cream flavors are produced in Germany and shipped all over the world. The ice cream has an extremely high butterfat content, producing a creamy, rich taste that few American brands can match. Happy Joe’s ice cream is also available on the menu in “small-batch” sizes for those who prefer their ice cream served in a smaller amount.