Jason Hope Talks About How IoT can Save the Environment

Natural causes can cause climate change, but human activities are the main driver. For instance, increased greenhouse gas emissions from various human activities act as a cover around the earth, leading to raised temperatures; we are thus facing a climate change inherent disaster. Jason Hope, a futurist, and investor, believes that to protect the world from climate change, people must adopt technology—the Internet of Things. 


The impact of humans in the world’s pristine areas has affected the climate. The best examples are forest fires in the Amazon and Australia, which have destroyed forests and released over fifty megatons of carbon dioxide into the air. Luckily, a few technologies are already in use to fight against climate change; according to Jason Hope, events caused by humans and those that occur due to climate change can be salvaged by capturing data and tracking changes.                      Jason Hope´s Ideas for Self-Made Achievement


Through the info, Jason Hope recalls,  people can learn how the events occur and how to prevent them. The Internet of Things can collect and pass data required to avoid disasters. Through over 10 billion IoT-equipped devices, people can support disaster management initiatives to slow and prevent damage. Instant detects 2.0 is one of the technologies Jason Hope believes will save the environment. 


There´s more on the Instant Detect 2.0. Developed by the Zoological Society in London, the system monitors human and wildlife activities, activist investor Jason Hope informs. Instant Detect 2.0 can pinpoint activities like poaching, thus protecting at-risk animals from poachers. Setting cameras and radio transmission reporting devices in remote areas and dense forests can detect animal behavior. 

Still, on protecting the wild animals, the TrailGuard cameras developed in association with nonprofit initiatives and Intel helps check the wild animals. With 18 months of battery life, the TrailGuard Camera is small to conceal size. Also, RFCx, Rainforest connection, is technology designed to combat forest destruction. Jason Hope finally adds that the technology listens and detects activities that don’t belong to rainforests, such as earth-clearing materials and chainsaws. Reporting in real time helps the authorities to act immediately.