Heath Ritenour’s Leadership in The Insurance Industry

Heath Ritenour is a renowned businessman, the CEO, and Chairman of the Insurance Office of America (IOA), a company with more than thirty years of experience in the Insurance industry. Heath Ritenour took over as CEO in 2007 after working in the company since 1996. Since the start of his tenure, he has displayed innovative and intuitive leadership leading by example. Heath Ritenour has been working tirelessly to modernize the company and adapt to the changing environment to remain the 13th largest privately held insurance company in America. According to him, it is possible to generate endless opportunities for their producers while providing clients with quality insurance services and experiences.

The firm has capitalized on technological advancements, customer service, experience additions, and growth opportunities for the company’s success. He has been able to hold property and casualty general lines and health and life insurance licenses as an insurance broker. He was named “the CEO of the year” honoree in 2018 by the Orlando Business Journal. Besides, he was named to the 2020 “Hot 100 List” by the insurance business. Heath Ritenour participated in a decision that aimed to establish the impacts of his life on his role as a leader in the insurance industry.

According to Heath Ritenour, the IOA has remained outstanding due to the employee commitment to ensure customer satisfaction is achieved while creating a culture that is reflective among employees. He also believes that the company’s ability to remain independent contributes to its growth and development and maintains a long-term positive relationship among employees and customers. Also, he believes that incorporating technology into the insurance industry and establishing customer education can positively impact the industry. He attributes his success to effective time management and prioritization of tasks. His main setback is being diagnosed with cancer at 39, but he says that the treatment process taught him a lot.

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