ElectrifAi Platform that Helps Organizations to Govern their Data

If you are a small-to-medium sized company, AI’s here to help. Enterprise software that has historically been the domain of large companies and the high-tech industry is now available for everyday business owners, like you.

Here at ElectrifAii we make building an AI solution for your business easy. We’re a startup accelerator with an enterprise software platform that actually lets you build, deploy and manage your AI solution from one central dashboard.

ElectrifAi platform provides complete access to AI development, deployment and management. You’ll have access to the best AI engines in the industry and our world-class team of developers. There are no hidden costs, no long-term contracts and your data is yours alone.

You may be hesitant to embrace AI as a business owner, but you shouldn’t be. In fact, AI’s here to help. It will give you the tools you need to train your employees and provide them with job security so they can become better at what they do, every day.

We believe that a diverse workforce is the backbone of small-to-medium sized businesses and that developing custom ElectrifAi solutions so you can train your staff is a vital part of running a successful company.

Our ElectrifAi tools are designed to address the biggest issues faced by small to medium sized companies, including:

Small: 8 employees or less. Big data is expensive, and you don’t want to risk getting stuck on projects which you can’t afford to keep up with. AI may solve this problem for you.

Medium: 25 employees or less. Growth is a natural process for any company, but it also requires a certain amount of investment in management and training as well as project management. Using AI to automate parts of your business will save both time and money on training and learning new skills.