Chichi Eburu and Juvias Place Give Grants to Black Owned Businesses

Black-owned businesses need help too. Did you know black-owned companies only make up 2% of U.S. businesses? This is why Chichi Eburu and Juvias Place are giving grants to these unique families who work their asses off to reach the American Dream. They are giving them $200,000 worth of grant money because they want these black-owned companies to succeed and join the race with all other companies in America!

This will help many people get into a new business opportunity or continue existing with it, especially Afro-Americans who feel like they have been left out of the creation process in this country. Not only will they give these grants, but they’ll also help these people through seminars and create an online platform to get their business out there!

It feels so wonderful to see people of color have a chance to succeed and shine because we are all the same. Whether we are black or white, we all have hearts and minds. The difference is that some of us have different skin colors or backgrounds, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do the same thing as others.

These families and people need our help to make their dream come true!

Chichi Eburu and Juvias place grants of $150,000 – $200,000 to African American Business Owners in America all around the country who want to start their own business. Their mission is to support black-owned businesses and help them get their needed resources. Prologis fund the Chichi Eburu Foundation. It has brought together many other companies, including Benihana, Kodak Black, JLo St. Clair, and others, who have decided it’s time to give back.

For more information, you can go to and visit their official page at Chichi Foundation or tweet them on Twitter at @chichieburu #eburucichi #africanamericanbusiness