Damien Granderson´s Grand Plan


Damien Granderson and Guy Blake, two original members of the exclusive entertainment business Granderson Des Rochers, encountered while concluding a record delivery agreement nearly 15 years ago. He was domestic counsel at Koch Entertainment, and Blake was an aide at Davis Shapiro Lewit & Hayes, having recently left Legal & Business Matters at Warner Chappell. The two men had an immediate connection, and soon after their first encounter, Granderson Des Rochers was born. 


Their goal was to build a multi-dimensional entertainment business that included artist management, music publishing, production, and distribution as Damien Granderson recalls. Since then, the company has become one of the most successful independent labels in the industry. It has achieved success by carefully managing its resources and developing a clear vision for where it wants to go. This vision is articulated in “The Grand Plan,” – a long-term strategy developed and implemented by Granderson.


The Grand Plan focuses on several key areas:

  • Creating an environment conducive to creativity.
  • Leveraging technology to create innovative products.
  • Nurturing talent.
  • Damien Granderson also specializes in building relationships with key stakeholders.


The successful entertainment lawyer Granderson believes these areas are essential for the company’s success and will ensure that it remains competitive in the ever-changing entertainment landscape. Granderson Des Rochers has also implemented several initiatives to help foster creativity (Aals).


They specialize in providing resources and support to emerging artists and investing in artist development programs. Additionally, they have invested heavily in technology, allowing them to create innovative products that appeal to a wide range of customers. Finally, as Damien they have worked hard to build strong relationships with key stakeholders, including industry leaders, major labels, radio stations, and media outlets.


The Grand Plan has been successful in helping Granderson Des Rochers achieve its goals and become one of the most respected independent labels in the music industry. With its long-term vision and strategic approach, Damien Granderson at Granderson Des Rochers is well-positioned to continue its success for many years.