Edgard Corona, President of Smart Fit, Discusses the IPO Proposal and Its Importance for the Fitness Business  

Edgard Corona is the founder and CEO of Bio Ritmo and Smart Fit, which are focused on the fitness industry in Brazil and other countries in Latin America. Smart Fit was established as a small startup in Sao Paulo and grew to become the biggest label in the fitness industry in Latin America. This firm aims to democratize access to top-tier fitness, well-being, and quality of life with easy membership and economic plans. Its development strategy has been to maintain the growth of the firm’s customer base. This establishment has over 100 gyms in nations like Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Brazil, and other states in Latin America.

Edgard Corona was born into a family that owned alcohol and sugar plants. His initial plans were to expand these ventures. Family disputes made him leave the company and invest in a gym. His investment, Smart Fit, is the biggest gym network in Latin America. In 2020, this company requested that the Brazilian Securities Commission open its capital on the stock exchange via an initial public offering (IPO). Commenting on this subject, Edgard said the IPO would give greater visibility to the fitness industry in Brazil and Latin America.

In a meeting arranged by EVO W12 in 2020, Edgard Corona noted that the COVID-19 pandemic had greatly reduced the performance of the gyms due to forced quarantine. Mr. Corona met the CEO of EVO W12, Paulo Akiau, a respected fitness entrepreneur, with whom they discussed ways of improving the fitness world. This meeting was valuable to Edgard, and he promised to create other editions to discuss fitness matters.

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