Eric Lefkofsky´s Latest Venture: Offering New Solutions to the World

Tempus has launched with an ambitious aim to disrupt the healthcare industry. While many tech startups struggle to get off the ground, Eric Lefkofsky’s firm has achieved great success. The company is helping the world to be a healthier place by democratizing the power of healthcare information. As a high school student, Eric Lefkofsky saw the light shining on a cure for AIDS that no one could see because of its preeminence as a mystery. 


His and his team’s collaboration with scientists and clinicians saw the light of a promising drug, cabozantinib, produce a dramatic reduction of disease in its first human study. Eric Lefkofsky was charged with setting up the business side of the endeavor, and he enlisted the skills of two of his high school buddies, Rob and Steve. The team now continues its joint efforts with a bold new initiative – Vision Genetics, Inc. 


Up to now, with a great  focus on the development of technology and cutting-edge DNA sequencing and clinical research, this initiative delivers the appropriate data to support the greatest advances in the field of cancer. Eric Lefkofsky adds that at Tempus we can aggregate data from all sorts of sources, including external partners, as well as from our proprietary and partnered data sources, to make it relevant and useful. We provide solutions for the whole continuum of care – from screening and prevention through prevention, diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment.

Tempus drug-sequencing is a real-time cancer diagnostics solution that links thousands of molecular variables to help a physician plan and treat a patient’s treatment more effectively. Tempus companion diagnostics is a clinical decision support technology that enables physicians to personalize medicine and research for patients with a specific genetic signature. Eric Lefkofsky´s realization drove Tempus’ commitment to the future of precision medicine. He said: There is an entire set of next-generation personalized treatments and cures that are possible today, but we don’t have access to them.