Hard Work and Creativity Helped Haroldo Jacobovicz Climb the Ranks so Fast

The fact that someone studied a given course does not mean they love the field. However, in many cases, people always undertake courses in areas they have always admired and liked for some time. They end up performing well and enjoying working in related industries. But things are somehow different in the case of Haroldo Jacobovicz.

The renowned Brazilian entrepreneur studied at the Federal University of Parana, obtaining a degree in civil engineering. Before joining the University, Haroldo Jacobovicz enrolled in a Military College and studied for seven solid years. Mr. Jacobovicz’s career path is unique because he developed a great passion for Information Technology, something he didn’t study anywhere.

Therefore, it shouldn’t be a surprise to learn that Haroldo ditched Civil Engineering for Information Technology at the beginning of his professional journey. The primary driving force behind the love for Information Technology was his belief that the sector would make entrepreneurship more profitable, and he was right. According to Haroldo Jacobovicz, Information Technology and innovation were the future of doing business.

Jacobovicz is probably one of the most hardworking people the world has ever seen. He got the spirit from his parents, who were also civil engineering professionals. In addition, Haroldo Jacobovicz possessed outstanding creative skills, which he gained from his civil engineering lessons.

Some Notable Achievements

Since his youthful life, Mr. Jacobovicz has achieved a lot as an entrepreneur and a tech developer. He began turning his technological ideas into reality when he was still in college. For example, Jacobovicz partnered with three other students to develop a Microsystem. The system was a robust platform and would facilitate seamless management of stores such as groceries and pharmacies.

As for the Brazilian technologist, only the stars were above, meaning the Microsystem wasn’t enough. Haroldo Jacobovicz maintained his focus on climbing the ranks to the top. After some years into his career, the billionaire businessman founded some companies. These include Horizons Datacenter, e-Governe Group, and Horizons Telecom. Currently, Jacobovicz continues to work hard and inspire many upcoming entrepreneurs to accomplish their dreams.

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