Hassan Jameel is Revitalizing ALJ

If the chance presents itself, seize it. This is the Arabic proverb that sparked the journey of Hassan Jameel an enterprise owned and run by a family with worldwide diversity. This proverb signifies that we must take advantage of possibilities whenever and wherever they occur and let these chances direct our destinies, even when confusion besets us regarding which path to take.

Even so, applying this saying in today’s convoluted and varied worldwide economy is only sometimes simple. It is hard to tell when the winds are beginning to shift and the direction we ought to seek them out. Those building businesses must find ways to make calculated risks, decide on their lengthy strategies, and ensure that their companies are updated with digital processes. In this instance, controlling the winds is generally more efficient than merely relying on the chance that they will take you where you need to go.

As the Deputy President and Vice Chairman for ALJ, Hassan Jameel is working with his family to ensure the corporation stays powerful and successful internationally by managing its business possibilities.

Over the past 75 years, ALJ has effectively taken advantage of chances to advance from a tiny gas station to a respected and varied international operator and investor. Today, the firm is humbled by its widespread scope in 30 nations across numerous sectors, including the structure and real estate, as well as buy items. Its goal over the long haul is to use technology to upset its foremost sectors – Mobility, Energy, Healthcare, and Finance – so it can ready the company for forthcoming market adjustments.

A decade ago, the Hassan Jameel Family began investigating possibilities in automobile production, making themselves the prime, early investor in American electric vehicle automaker Rivian. With ALJ’s experience in vehicles, venturing into the electric vehicle market was a logical step for the family, providing them with opportunities to broaden their reach in the U.S., which is well-known for being active in the car, SUV, and pickup industry.

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