How Dante Labs Uses Whole Genome Sequencing

Until recently, DNA testing was expensive and difficult to access for many individuals, researchers, and clinicians. However, over the last seven years, Andrea Riposti and Mattia Capuili’s global genomics and precision medicine company, Dante Labs, have made these tests more accessible to people around the globe. With the help of the most advanced genome sequencing technologies available today, the Labs can interpret their results and provide personalized lifestyle recommendations for customers at risk of developing certain conditions.

The Labs specializes in whole genome sequencing (WGS), the only genomics test to decode an individual’s entire DNA.

Dante Labs aims to give researchers access to high-quality DNA sequencing services at an affordable price. The company offers whole genome sequencing, short- and long-read sequencing, and custom-designed sequencing services based on your needs. Researchers can order a variety of sequencing solutions ranging from as few as one bacterial cell to hundreds of thousands of cells. To meet the requirements of each researcher, the Labs offers customizable pricing plans so that the total cost of ownership remains within reason.

Dante Labs offers the world’s leading genomic technology for concierges’ medical practices. This technology provides an easy-to-use whole genome sequencing test. Medical practices can either collect samples from patients using a simple auto-collection blood kit or ask their patients to send them their specimens via mail. When all the tests have been performed, the Labs’ genetic counselors analyze the results and then inform doctors about their findings.

Dante Labs’ technology allows physicians to perform diagnostic testing and interpret results in their offices or clinics without sending patient samples to a central location. The company provides an easy-to-use experience for both patients and clinicians by combining software and hardware components. Its cloud-based platform supports direct-to-consumer genomics, where consumers can view their test results online and a personalized report detailing how genetics impacts their lifestyle choices.