IM Academy

IM Academy is a digital forex academy that educates students about forex trading and provides real-time, in-depth tutorials for beginners. By providing quality educational material, students will prosper and become successful traders. It was founded by Forex experts Christopher Terry and Isis De La Torre. Using a subscription-based business model, they aimed to create a user-friendly online learning environment for forex. The platform aimed to give Forex fans easily accessible and engaging instruction to learn methods they could use in trading.

IM Academy Products

IM Academy offers four different products to help gain more knowledge and understanding in the forex trading world.

  • FRX Academy

An educational subscription course comprises three videos and approximately six hours of tutorials.

  • HFX Academy

The HFX Academy offers 24-hour access to the real-time HFX trading room, where students can connect and interact with a team of professional traders.

Its Benefits

Its main goal is to teach people about the foreign exchange market and how to trade forex using an educational subscription basis.

Sales Strategy

To market its products, it uses both offline and online methods. Offline marketing methods include word of mouth, social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), as well as by attending seminars in different countries. Online marketing channels include paid advertising campaigns on search engines (Google Adwords) and social media websites.

IM Academy Forecasting

IM Academy is a relatively new company in the market of forex education. Still, it is noteworthy because it offers a wide range of products at competitive prices to grow its sales and service.

It has been able to grow because it offers a wide range of different courses. The company must focus on other tools to stay in business. It is dedicated to giving its customers access to all the courses, so it must keep up with the demand by providing new content at a reasonable price.

Forex trading is an ever-growing market, and by providing new courses and tools for new investors, the industry has high growth potential. Visit this page for additional information.


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