IM Academy: Learning How To Succeed Forex Trading

If you want to learn foreign exchange (Forex), IM Academy would be an ideal place for you. The academy provides online services with digital educational products and services. These services teach essential Forex trading skills.

About the Academy

IM Academy began in 2013 as a small business. De La Torre and Christopher Terry founded the academy. The vision of setting up the academy was to provide online platforms where students can easily access Forex training, learn trading skills, and apply the acquired information when trading. The Academy has grown with over 225,000 subscribers since the academy began eight years ago.

IM Academy has various subsidiary entities within its international markets. These entities are situated only in areas that have regulations on Forex trading. The training also exists in areas with best practices for tax advantage and risk management. The academy’s global headquarters is located in New York.

Products Offered by IM Academy

The core products of the academy are known as academies. These learning modules include district training programs available on the academy’s website. Those who need the information can log into the website and access the informational videos and join live interactive sessions.

You can learn how academies work by visiting the academy website. When you sign up for the lessons, you will get a discounted package called the Elite Academy. Signing up can help you save money in the long run.

IM Academy Website

All the essential information about Forex trading is available on the academy website. This is the primary source of information where customers and independent business owners can find valuable information when they log in.

Pricing for the Academy’s Services

When you sign up for any basic academy, you will pay $234 for the initial subscription. After the subscription, you will pay $174 monthly. If you sign up for Elite Academy, you will pay $324 for the initial sign, followed by a $274 monthly charge.

Check out more information on the organization’s website about the academy’s regulatory compliance, customer care support, and management team. Visit this page to learn more.


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