Immensa Brings AM to the Middle East

Immensa is a solution provider that leverages additive manufacturing technologies to provide this region’s highest-quality metal, plastic, organic, and composite parts.

We’re based in the Middle East, with our HQ in Dubai. We have developed several products over the last few years based on GCODE, focusing on highly complex geometries requiring precision and processing speed. These include medical implants of many shapes and sizes and small electric motors for aircraft applications.

The company is also active in a project that involves partnering with local universities such as Dubai Science Park and King Abdullah University of Science & Technology (KAUST) to train young students in additive manufacturing technologies.

Immensa can provide everything your business needs to incorporate additive manufacturing technology into its existing products and processes. From the initial design to a full-scale production facility in Dubai. This solution is geared to help businesses re-tool their production facilities with long-term investments in equipment. Additional services include consultancy and advisory support on integrating AM processes into your existing supply chain or production process and bespoke solutions for specific projects.

Over the last few years, Immensa has developed a strong project portfolio covering the medical, aerospace, and consumer goods industries. It includes several international projects, including a 3-D printed ophthalmic lens for the US market and the first ever 3D printed bionic hand, featured in many international media outlets.

Currently, we have several Automated Manufacturing Lines (AML) in operation, with more to come as more in-house capacity is required. These include:

Additive Manufacturing Solutions for End Customers

Our end customers are a mix of local, regional and international companies looking to integrate our technologies into their existing processes and products.