Kelcy Warren

Kelcy Warren is a man who made his billions from the oil business and is now the owner of Energy Transfer Partners, one of the largest energy companies. Kelcy Warren is a private man, which means very little about him is known for sure. What we do know about Kelcy Warren is that he has ties to Donald Trump and has donated $100 million to the Republican Party over a decade. He also allegedly donated $500,000 to Donald Trump’s private charitable foundation in 2015, shortly before Trump began hosting TV personality Mike Huckabee at his events as an official campaign surrogate.

The Republican Party continues to support Kelcy Warren, despite his questionable ethics and donations because they believe that he has always delivered on politics-related benefits for them. If the Republican Party did not trust Kelcy Warren, they wouldn’t continue to support him despite his questionable history.

It is speculated that Kelcy Warren controls several oil pipelines companies, making him one of the most influential and wealthiest oil executives in America. Since he took over Energy Transfer Partners, Kelcy has had no problem moving forward with his political agenda despite potential conflicts of interest. He has also donated to a wide range of Republicans through conservative think tanks, including Rob Portman (R-OH), Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY), and Senator Pat Roberts (R-KS). In the past, he donated money to the National Republican Congressional Committee in 2010 and 2012.

Warren believes that the world is changing in a way that benefits his side of politics. He’s known for making controversial statements about race and immigration, which some have described as racist. In particular, Warren has vowed not to hire Muslims and has even decided not to sell the property he owns to Muslims. However, this isn’t necessarily uncommon in the oil world, where workers are primarily non-unionized due to their cheap labor or even free. He compares himself to other business owners who won’t do business with people of different religions and races because they believe it is in their best interests. See related link for additional information.


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