Manifold Advisory Partners Provides Strategic Advice

Manifold of Equity & Advisory LLC, headquartered in Adelaide. The company provides a range of equity and corporate finance advisory services to companies around the globe. Manifold Advisory Partners, based in Washington, D.C., is an independent strategic advisory firm founded in 2005 that provides strategic advice, political access, and insights to companies in the United States, as well as to government agencies, investors, and nonprofit organizations. Manifold of Equity & Advisory LLC’s subsidiary, Manifold Strategic Communications, also provides investor relations and strategic communications services.

1. Don Manifold’s Career

Don Manifold can help you assess a market opportunity, determine your business plan’s political feasibility and financial viability, assist with negotiations and business implementation, apply risk mitigation strategies to protect your assets, and avoid costly mistakes. Don Manifold started his career in Adelaide, South Australia’s capital city. During his time in the United States, Don spent a quarter century working at the highest levels of government and became an independent director of a publicly traded company.

2. What are Equity and Advisory?

Manifold of Equity & Advisory is a multi-disciplinary strategic consulting firm that specializes in corporate finance and political risk management. We provide independent advice to global companies, governments, and nonprofit organizations on issues ranging from capital strategy, business development, and political risk mitigation to investor relations.

3. What Do Manifold Advisory Partners Do?

Manifold Advisory Partners provides strategic advice, political access, and insights to public companies on issues ranging from capital planning and development to political risk mitigation, government relations, and investor relations. Manifold Advisory Partners has won numerous awards for its work with clients. Strategic advisors are experienced professionals who can make or break a company or government agency. They guide clients through a period in which changes are taking place and help them navigate these turbulent times.

Don Manifold is a successful entrepreneur, political consultant, and strategist. He is one of the few who have sold a successful business to the government and become a general partner in an independent public company.

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