Mathew Mansell Embraces Collaborations for Successful Startups



Matthew Mansell has shifted his focus to pursuing collaborations over the competition in the global fitness industry. The Athlo founder perceives this as a perfect way of coexisting with other fitness centers in the ecosystem while still creating a healthy competition space.

His tremendous background and experience as a rugby player led him to establish the world’s first fitness platform that offers personalized gym classes and memberships to some users, offers boutique packages to others, and helps centers grow and expand their memberships.

Before the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, gyms, and fitness centers were mainly viewed as accessible physical facilities providing clients with fitness services and workout classes.

However, when the pandemic hit, most businesses in global countries, including these health facilities and gyms, were greatly affected and ceased to operate physically.

Matthew Mansell saw an excellent opportunity to invest in online gyms that would eventually dominate over the brick-and-mortar (gyms). It launched its application right after the pandemic.

Athlo is available in the mac application store, and it can be downloaded for free and used anywhere by having the client book the best fitness and gym classes. It is believed to be the next fitness unicorn, according to Mansell.

The fitness industry aims to partake in vast and collective investments in the future, with its growth being predicted to quadruple in value over the next five years, just in the United States alone.

The Athlo founder believes that by confronting the pain points, digital gyms, and brick-and-mortar gyms will be able to coexist without phasing each other into the ecosystem. Technology is here to stay, and having Athlo as the link to both parties will continue to benefit its clients and consumers.

Matthew Mansell advises that one needs to focus on the retention of their customers and the rate of attribution. With the current economic trends, it is essential to drive company sales and retain your members, eventually extending your customer’s lifetime value. Creating these partnerships guarantees you to become the next fitness unicorn.

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