Matthew Mansell recap


Athlo founder Matthew Mansell shares his insights on what he feels is the key to success as a startup company: learning how to work together. It’s about something other than who had the idea anymore; it’s about doing something that has yet to be done. And for this to happen, we must stop fostering competition and empower cooperation. As the founder of Athlo, a company that helps companies collaborate with non-competing partners to solve big problems, Matthew Mansell is aware of the world’s obsession with competition. He often says it himself when he’s in front of an audience. He has some insights on these issues and more:

The model relies on companies collaborating to share research, use resources to solve challenges and build new things collectively. A perfect example is the digital fitness platform that makes it easy for people to keep track of their health and fitness data. Startups have to compete with each other in the marketplace, but competition is one of many ways to make a successful company. By working together, we can achieve more and help solve the most significant problems.

The next fitness unicorn will not be a company. It will be an ecosystem of companies working together to build the future. The app is committed to fostering this collaborative ecosystem; educating people about it is the first step. The key to business success is quite simple. It’s about looking to collaborate with people or entities considered a competitor in the marketplace and turning that into an advantage.

The app lets users quickly log their fitness, nutrition and sleep stats directly from their phones. The interface helps users track their bodies’ energy levels throughout the day to be more productive by managing stress and staying energized. Athlo also includes a community of coaches who are top fitness trainers in many different industries. Go to this page for additional information.


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