Miki Agrawal Discusses Authenticity in Business



Miki Agrawal is a successful entrepreneur, author, and podcaster who has become renowned for her ability to bring authenticity into all aspects of her business. Agrawal is best known as the founder and CEO of THINX, an environmentally-friendly period underwear company that aims to de-stigmatize menstruation and create products that empower women everywhere. She also founded TUSHY, a bidet startup focused on providing bathroom hygiene solutions like modern toilet attachments.

Authenticity in Business

At the core of Agrawal’s success lies her commitment to authenticity. She believes that this trait can be the defining factor between success and failure in business—something she learned from her own experiences with THINX and TUSHY.

Miki Agrawal has discussed the importance of being genuine in business—a trait that she says will set entrepreneurs apart. “Authenticity often means to do things differently than the status quo,” she said in an interview with Forbes. “Most people are scared to be vulnerable or put themselves out there, but it is something that can bring success if done correctly.”

Miki Agrawal has credited her openness as a vital element of her businesses’ successes. She emphasizes that her focus on authenticity not only helps with networking and brand building, but also encourages meaningful relationships between customers and companies—something which she believes is essential for a sustainable business model.


Miki Agrawal is a shining example of what it means to bring authenticity into business. Through her commitment to being genuine and honest, not only has she built successful companies, but also connected with customers on a deeper level. Her success serves as proof that when entrepreneurs focus on creating meaningful relationships while staying true to themselves and their values, they can make an impact that far exceeds expectations. In a world where businesses often prioritize profits over people, Agrawal’s approach is one we should all strive for.