Miki Agrawal

Miki Agrawal is a serial social entrepreneur, speaker, author and social activist. She focuses on creating innovative business models and disrupting outdated systems to transform the world. She has founded two companies of her own – TravelTriangle & Thinx, which have changed how many people travel, eat & shop worldwide. This article will discuss four ways Miki Agrawal ideas have impacted the world and how you can use them to impact your life.

Travel the world and make money while you are at it.

Miki’s newest company, TravelTriangle, is a platform that connects travelers with experts who plan customized experiences for them in over 100 countries worldwide. They have over 100,000 member travelers and 600+ local experts on their platform. They have changed how people travel by creating a community of like-minded travelers interested in new cultural experiences and providing a platform for local guides to create sustainable livelihood by planning unique travel experiences for tourists. I recently started traveling with them, and they have some extraordinary itineraries you can check out here.

Embrace your body. Feel beautiful naked.

Thinx is a company that makes period panties. Period panties are underwear that behaves like underwear and can be used for more than one period in the menstrual cycle (i.e., you can use it for longer, shorter, or irregular periods). Period panties are a hot product in the United States and Japan, but until now have been out of reach for most people – especially not women from developing countries who cannot afford to pay well over $20 for a single pair of menstrual panties.

Solve significant social problems through technology.

Miki’s startup Thinx has inspired a new kind of underwear called “period pants,” a pair of underwear containing a built-in pad that can be placed into your pants or underpants so that it can be easily changed as one needs during their period.

Share knowledge and empower people.

Miki Agrawal greatest passion has always been education. In college, she spent a lot of time volunteering at schools in India and Africa, teaching English to underprivileged kids. She went on to start two non-profits: with Thinx, she started a non-profit called Random Acts of Kindness which helps empower girls by encouraging them to take action when they see society or those around them struggling. – especially disadvantaged girls who often do not see themselves as having a voice.