Mo Katibeh Biography and Professional Experiences

Mo Katibeh is among the world’s most successful and influential businessmen. He has attained remarkable accomplishments in his career and is presently the President & Chief Operating Officer of RingCentral. He is a passionate advocate for customer experience and corporate strategy, working tirelessly to promote growth and optimize internal processes. With two decades of rich experience in technology, cloud, product, and sales roles, Mo Katibeh stands out as a leader in the most competitive industry.

Mo Katibeh’s Professional Background

Mo Katibeh started his professional journey with AT&T Business, where he held several positions, including EVP Chief Product & Platform Officer and EVP Chief Marketing Officer. During this period, he established a multi-billion dollar communications, collaboration, and security business, contributing significantly to AT&T’s overall success. After leaving AT&T, Mo joined forces with RingCentral, serving as President & Chief Operating Officer. In this role, he oversees company products such as sales, marketing, and customer experience.

Accomplishments for Mo Katibeh

Mo Katibeh has left an undeniable mark on the technology industry through his extensive work at AT&T Business and RingCentral. His professional accolades include being named World’s Most Influential CMO by Forbes twice consecutively in 2019 and 2020, which speaks volumes about his qualities as a business leader.

Education Qualifications

In addition to having magnificent business management skills developed through years of experience in sales and marketing roles, Mo also holds a Bachelor’s degree from Oklahoma State University in Business with majors in International Business, Marketing, and Philosophy, along with completing an Executive MBA from the University of Texas-Dallas. This comprehensive educational background gives him an advantage in leading complex businesses with agility while spreading influence around him effectively.


Few people have accomplished what Mo has been able to achieve so far in his career, both professionally and personally. Every day presents new opportunities for Mo, but tackling each option prudently remains one of his greatest abilities, which raises him among his peers very conveniently.