Mo Katibeh Leverages His Affinity for Tech in Business

Meet Mo Katibeh, a budding entrepreneur who used his technology passion for building the next great startup.

As a tech enthusiast, Mo is deeply involved in creating cutting-edge of designs and software. His background includes degrees in Information Systems and an MBA from Columbia University. As a strategist, designer, and developer with years of experience managing consulting projects for Fortune 100 companies such as Apple Inc., Xerox Corp., NVIVO Corporation, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise LLC, Mo are passionate about helping businesses leverage their existing assets by revolutionizing their strategy with technology solutions that move them forward.

Mo Katibeh founded Vota, a startup building technology solutions to help small businesses expand globally. His management experience as an entrepreneur, his passion for technology, and his knowledge of the business tools in today’s marketplace enable him to give this new company with its talented team the push it needs to reach its goals.

“I believe in the vision Vota and its management team are starting to build and that my previous experience in technology can help spread the word to a greater number of businesses,” Katibeh says. “I’m excited to be part of it.”

Vota’s goal is to simplify trade finance for businesses that do not have access to a bank, credit insurance, or trade credit systems. This type of financing is especially important for emerging markets, where many companies cannot afford traditional bank loans. Vota uses technology to give these companies the tools to grow and compete.

Mo Katibeh has extensive international experience through his work at Centerwater Group Inc. and as a Regional Manager for Accenture and Development Manager at Olsen LLC.

In addition to business and technology, Mo is passionate about his Cleveland roots. He is a member of the Greater Cleve-land Chamber of Commerce and a contributor to the tech media site Tech Cocktail. Long story short, Mo is the entrepreneurial type that can deliver the technology goods – from conception to final delivery.