Robert Kraft, The Investor

Robert Kraft is an American investor born and raised in Brookline, Massachusetts. Since he was a young man, Robert has loved football. He has been a New England Patriots ticket holder and supporter since his youthful years. Mr. Kraft is a well-known investor in the country.

He has invested in a wide range of businesses in the country. Robert is also the establisher, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of the Kraft Group, which deals with various investments. The Kraft Group has a real estate department responsible for constructing and developing buildings across the country. The Kraft Group has made a name for itself by working with a team of experts in the construction and development industry.

Robert Kraft completed his high school graduation in Brookline and continued his studies at the University. After graduating Robert got an opportunity from the University to serve in the paper and packaging manufacturing company. John Hiatt allowed Robert to be part of the Randy-Whitney Group. He did at the company gaining more skills as he climbed the career leader to becoming the Chairman of the organization.

With his knowledge at Randy-Whitney Group, Robert Kraft launched International Forest Products, a company responsible for manufacturing and distributing paper products outside and in the United States. Robert has invested not only in the paper and packaging sector but also in the football industry. Mr. Kraft is the owner of the Patriots Football Club. He took full ownership of the football club in 1994. Before owning the football club, Robert was doing business with the football club and its administration; the Patriots hired the stadium owned by Robert for their daily practices and sports tournament

Robert Kraft is well known for his charitable activities in the country. Together with his wife, Myra Kraft, they have been helping society live a good life as they realize their full potential. Robert assists the community through the Kraft Group. Visit this page for additional information.


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