Stephen Bittel's insight on listening more and talking less

Never give in is Stephen Bittel’s desired quote, highlighted by Winston Churchill, and pushes him to do his best and never have regrets in his professional life. Bittel lives his day by saying that every loved one and friend can depend on him.

Stephen Bittel was born and grew up in Miami, Florida. He attended Bowdoin College, where he acquired an Alma mater because of his exemplary grades. Bittle also attended the Miami School of Law and is eloquent in four languages, namely, English which he is well-versed with, Spanish, French, and a little German.

Bittel loves giving back to society by initiating movements that boost the social and economic status of the community. His latest contribution is Stephen to the University of Miami, the school of medicine department, to the Disorder Division movement.

Bittel is down to earth, especially with his hobbies of fishing, reading, orchids, and wine. He loves the Bordeaux wine as his guilty pleasure and loved to play monopoly and scrabble in his early years during his leisure time, which helped to sharpen his brain’s fast thinking. Additionally, Stephen is a family man and loves spending time with his family, especially the grandchildren whom he adores.

Stephen highlighted that the best advice he could give the young talent is to listen more to their mentors and successful people. He mentioned that he has lived with this advice which has shaped him not only in his personal life but also professional life. He further highlighted that he was also advised to never run out of cash and over prepare in his profession.

Stephen Bittel is the developer and head of Terranova Corporation, a top-tier commercial law firm in the southern part of Florida. The corporation began in 1980 as a commercial property with a local partnership.

Terranova has bloomed to become the top commercial real estate firm with assets worth billions. Not only does the firm represent single clients, but it also represents the most prominent companies worldwide.