Steve Lesnard on Sephora’s Return to UK


Sephora was first launched in France about 50 years ago, but business wasn’t as successful in the European market. As a result, they left the UK market in 2005, but now they feel the need to re-enter it. Steve Lesnard, the Global Chief Brand Officer, says that 2023 will be the official year the brand re-enters the market. To make this successful, he has been working with a team to launch an omnichannel experience.

The Launch Campaign

Sephora used a three-method approach to garner substantial hype about Omnichannel UK. This approach involved:

  • FeelUnique acquisition – Sephora acquired FeelUnique in June 2021 as part of the strategy to come back to the UK market. The deal cost them $132, and it brought FeelUnique under Sephora’s corporate team. Through this, the brand used the data received from the acquired company to learn the market, which is essential for the strategy.
  • The launch of a pop-up activation – the brand also held a pop-up event on 20th October 2022. The event was a way of knowing who’s who in the UK beauty and wellness space. It was also a way of hyping Sephora’s comeback to the UK market. Some attendees included Maura Higgins, Mario Dedivanovic, Neelam Gill, and Ashley Roberts.
  • “Express All of You” campaign – Sephora partnered with AKQA, an award-winning design studio, for this campaign. The campaign was launched on 18th October 2022, before the launch of the online platform, on the 19th. The launch’s digital components included billboards, bus stop ads, TikTok influencer partnerships, and online videos.

What is the Future of Sephora?

Steve and his team are working on the actualization of an omnichannel shopping flow to ensure customers enjoy an equitable experience. It’s part of his big plan to remain unique and different from Sephora’s competitors. With his new approach, Sephora’s re-entry into the UK market might be a refreshed and welcomed idea that will see the brand becoming popular.

Who is Steve Lesnard?

Steve Lesnard is a renowned marketing C-suite executive. Most people know him from his former roles as the chief marketing officer of The North Face. Apart from this position, he has also held other positions, including the general manager of an athletics division in one of the largest companies. Steve recently pivoted to a new role as the Chief Brand Officer of Sephora. His role in the company will oversee the adoption and management of several shopping and communication channels. He has to ensure consistency, cohesiveness, and quality customer experiences.