The Love of the Boat- Juan Monteverde Yacht

Juan Monteverde is an attorney and an investor based in New York. Apart from being a legal expert, Juan is an entrepreneur and owns a yacht; it is in his yacht that Monteverde finds peace. With a frantic pace in life and living in a busy city, top leaders require a life that keeps them healthy and gives them peace. For Juan Monteverde Yacht, the good life and comfort come not only in being on the yacht but also in cleaning it. According to the lawyer, boating is a whole community, and when you get to the community, you enjoy cleaning your boat. Monteverde says when you hear about boating and cleaning the boats, it is something that can sound awkward and some individuals may not understand. Juan cleans his yacht not because he cannot afford to hire someone to do it but because it will not give him the joy of cleaning it.

Juan Monteverde Yacht says that cleaning a yacht may seem like a battle, but the sweat gives you the joy of doing it again. Juan mentioned that hiring someone to clean the boat will give it the same look, but it will deny you the joy and the appreciation. Juan Monteverde Yacht wakes up on Saturdays early on Saturdays to clean the yacht, and he can spend the whole day doing it. The attorney says it is relaxing and therapeutical to do it. For Juan, being out in the sun in your bathing suit is enjoyable cleaning the boat. Monteverde gets back the energy he uses to clean his yacht tenfolds. The legal expert takes it as a privilege to get time to clean his yacht, and he says he loves doing it because he treasures his yacht.

Juan Monteverde Yacht Uses about 12 hours to clean his boat. The time he spends on the yacht does clean not only the boat but also his soul and mind. Juan takes the cleaning time as an exercise that helps him get rid of negative thoughts and bad energy. Juan Monteverde Yacht does not consider his yacht like any other boat. At the yacht is where the attorney finds time to reconnect with his earlier years. The yacht is Juan’s passion; he has been boating since he was seven years. When he began boating, he started with a small boat and gradually went to a bigger one. Juan’s father is also a navigator who has done it for many years.

When Juan is cleaning his yacht, he connects with his childhood. Monteverde appreciates the time had spent in Spain as a child, college life when he was in Britain; he went to California, and now when he is a career person. The yacht not only helps Juan Monteverde Yacht an opportunity to remember his childhood, but it is also a chance to connect with his present life and appreciate how far he has come and his accomplishments in life.

Juan Monteverde was asked about his favorite part in the match, but he could not decide because every part in the boat gave him a different experience; there was a meditative act of scrubbing. According to Juan Monteverde Yacht, pride comes when you do manual work. To the attorney, he enjoys cleaning his yacht because it is something he loves.

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