Thoughts on Yuri Milner’s Eureka Manifesto

Thoughts on Yuri Milner’s Eureka Manifesto

Yuri Milner talks about how science has changed lives and can continue to change the world for the better. He believes science can help us cure diseases and overcome some of our biggest obstacles in life. In addition, Milner also mentions that many people are unaware of how much science affects them daily.

An Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Milner is an entrepreneur and philanthropist who created the Breakthrough Prize, which awards yearly $22 million in prizes to the world’s top scientists. Last year, he announced the Breakthrough Initiatives, a 10-year program of scientific projects to reinvigorate the search for extraterrestrial intelligence.


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Eureka Manifesto

It is a collaborative effort to define the purposes of science. Yuri Milner said they had begun work on an online platform where scientists can share their ideas in a public forum, connect and discover opportunities to collaborate. The more people participate in this effort, the better we can use science to solve some of our biggest challenges.

Scientists Need to Work Together

According to Yuri Milner, they need new ways of working together to address these challenges. They can do so much more if they work together. Yuri Milner said that it was a moment in time for them all to join forces across nations and industries to solve some of humanity’s most pressing problems.

The Eureka Manifesto is a call to action. It’s a rallying cry for scientists and innovators to join forces and work together on humanity’s biggest challenges.