Tom Keane at the Control Data Corporation

Tom Keane Microsoft is a short biography of Tom Keane, who became Microsoft’s third president. This is the story of one man and his determination to be one of the most influential figures in the technology industry world. Keane was born on September 27, 1934, in Massachusetts, U.S.A.. At a very early age, he showed signs that he would be an exceptional physical and mental man.


Thought Leadership and Industry Expertise


Tom Keane, Microsoft’s third president, immediately took an active part in shaping the company to become a global leader in software development. He was one of Microsoft’s founders, along with Bill Gates, Paul Allen, and Bob Wallace, who designed the primary platform that would later lead to Microsoft becoming one of the most significant companies in the world.


In his early years at Microsoft Corporation, Tom Keane wanted to design computer language for his projects. However, he was able to specialize in this subject once he joined IBM, where he was able to use his enthusiasm and knowledge to design a new language called PL/I. This language was created with the aim of making computers faster, more efficient, and better concerning how they could be used.

Tom Keane at the ASP.NET Community Summit

In a bid to carve out a more significant niche for himself after leaving IBM with success, the cloud engineer joined Control Data Corporation, where he was made chief designer and then CEO of CDP’s programming languages division. Tom Keane stayed with them until he left to become a full-time Microsoft executive.


Tom Keane, Microsoft’s third president, had an exceptional mind. He had a passion for designing computer languages, and this drove him to make significant contributions during his lifetime. His contribution to software technology is shown in his role as former Microsoft CEO and President.