Yubo Leads The Pack In The Future Of Online Safety

Generation Z is modifying the ways in which people interact with each other online because they are the first group of young people to grow up with social media at their disposal. As the ways through which Generation Z communicates with each other become more digitized, many people are for the notion that online social platforms are tasked with protecting young people from all sorts of harmful content that can be online. Currently, there is an Online Safety Bill that was introduced to ensure that young people are safe when they are online. However, while the bill is still being put in place, there are myriad things that online social platforms can do to protect their users from harm. Content moderation is key to creating a safe online platform in this fast-paced digital world. Furthermore, responsible social platforms should not wait for regulations to be implemented so that they can also implement their advanced protections for young people online.

Yubo, a social platform dedicated to Generation Z users, has comprehensive safeguards put in place to ensure it is safe for its users. It boasts of exploring things considered impossible in online moderation and safety. Yubo knew from the beginning that putting safety first would be its key to success. Since then, the company has made huge progress toward making solutions that moderate and monitor content on its platform. It became the first social platform in the world to integrate real-time intervention and moderation in livestreams. Yubo also has state-of-the-art AI technology that catches second-by-second screenshots to flag down any Community Guidelines violations.

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