Zaxby’s Industry-Leading Approach to Customer Rewards Pays Off

Customers have come to expect a bang for their buck when feasting on fast food. That extra helping of value often comes in the form of rewards for frequent purchases, usually via restaurants’ official apps. Chicken-themed fast-food chain Zaxby’s only recently followed industry trends and launched its own rewards program in the fall of 2022.

Zaxby’s offers chicken wings, fingers, salads, sandwiches and more at its locations in 19 states. The brand’s pickle-and-sauce-topped chicken sandwich and other menu items have long been hits with fans of the bird, but the company’s rewards program has provided even more reasons to visit the popular restaurant chain.

App downloads are viewed as markers of engagement with new customers. Even if a user has already dined at a restaurant, downloading its app signifies the beginning of a deeper connection with the business. The Zaxby’s chain not only recognizes the importance of strengthening its ties with customers but is doing so at a time when many companies are becoming less generous with their rewards program offerings.

Offering better incentives while other restaurants cut back helps the company stand out in the crowded fast-casual arena. At a time when shrinkflation runs rampant and inflation causes the prices of menu items to skyrocket, customers notice when they get skimpier returns on their fast-food investments. Zaxby’s hasn’t just created a rewards program; their initial offering of a free Big Zax Snak, complete with Texas toast, three chicken fingers, fries, “Zax Sauce” and a small Coke product provides impressive value.

Their full-steam-ahead approach to customer rewards has paid off. Zaxby’s leads the competition in terms of engagement thanks to its generous rewards and user-friendly app.

As inflation shows no signs of waning and consumers have less discretionary income, the chain is helping to ensure a loyal, growing customer base for years to come. Follow this page on Instagram, for additional information.


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